Modernizing Government Planning & Budgeting


About Modernizing Government Planning & Budgeting

"Modernizing Government Planning and Budgeting" is a dialogue-driven podcast series that brings clarity and actionable insights to the complexities of public sector management. Hosted by Mark Reed Edwards, this series features in-depth discussions with leaders and innovators in government planning and budgeting.

As the US government faces unprecedented challenges — the imperative for data-driven decision-making and fiscal prudence has never been clearer. Our series delves into these urgent issues, providing listeners with nuanced perspectives on adopting and implementing strategies that align with modern needs and goals.

Through candid conversations, our guests share their experiences and lessons learned in the field, highlighting the critical importance of cultural shifts, technological integration, and process improvements in achieving more effective and accountable government operations. This podcast is an important resource for public sector leaders and practitioners seeking to navigate the complexities of today’s governance with agility and foresight.

"Modernizing Government Planning and Budgeting" is not just about keeping pace with the times; it's about setting the pace for a future where government operations are as responsive, efficient, and transparent as the communities they serve.