Modernizing Government Planning & Budgeting

Diving Deep with Rear Admiral Michael Browne (ret): Submarines, Strategy, & Stand-Up Comedy

April 8th, 2024

In this inaugural episode of "Modernizing Government Planning and Budgeting", host Mark Reed-Edwards sits down with retired Rear Admiral Michael Browne, whose illustrious 31-year career in the Navy has been marked by leadership, innovation, and a commitment to national security. A distinguished graduate of the United States Naval Academy with advanced degrees in physics, business, and national security strategy, Admiral Browne shares his journey from being inspired by tales of naval adventure to becoming a key figure in shaping America's naval future.

Admiral Browne delves into his experiences at the National Defense University and the Strategic Studies Group, highlighting the critical importance of long-term strategic planning and the unique challenges of national security affairs. From tales of unexpected lessons in creativity from a Pixar creative director to insights into the complexities of planning and budgeting at the Naval Sea Systems Command, Admiral Browne offers a rare glimpse into the strategic mindset required for high-level decision-making in the Navy.

Beyond personal anecdotes, Admiral Browne discusses the broader implications of structured decision-making and strategic planning in facing today’s challenges of national defense. His insights shed light on the potential for methodologies inspired by decision science to streamline and enhance the Navy's modernization efforts, ensuring readiness and efficiency in an era of rapid technological and geopolitical change.

Join us as Admiral Browne shares his profound insights on leadership, the evolving challenges of national defense, and how Decision Lens is poised to support critical decision-making processes in an ever-changing world. It's a conversation that bridges the gap between the lessons of the past and the strategies of the future, illuminating the path towards a more secure and well-prepared national defense.